Fun in the Garden During Week Ten!

What an awesome group of campers this week.  We had a week filled with games, crafts and, of course, gardening!  It’s hard to believe that camp has already come to a close.  Some highlights of this week were harvesting our crops, creating habitats for our frogs, and having a camouflage butterfly competition.  Here are the pictures from the final week of camp!

We Sure Had a Great Time, During Week Nine!

Week nine was filled with cicadas, stories, and sunny days.  We explored nutrition and tasted some benefits of keeping a garden.  During the week, we created our own food webs and learned how super decomposers are for the earth!  Check out these photos we took along the way.

Nature Rangers Week 8 was Absolutely Great!

During this week of Nature Rangers, we learned about green energy and nutrition.  In the middle of the week, we went for a nature walk through the park.  The weather really warmed up for us, and brought out some caterpillars.  We found five different species throughout the week!  Enjoy these pictures from week eight.