Late Harvest

Unfortunately yesterday’s Fall Festival was cancelled due to the rain. I ended up going to the farm anyway and its a good thing I did… because the tomatoes are READY! It’s too bad the festival participants didn’t get to pick and eat them, but they had to be harvested anyways.

The San Marzano tomatoes are being turned into marinara sauce for the volunteer potluck and the rest are for sale or barter if you want some!

Aren’t these tomato colors gorgeous?? Look at those Indigo Rose tomatoes, they are like jewels!


Shrek Smoothie

Hmmmm… It seems that I may not have posted the recipe for the Shrek Smoothie on here lately. ¬†Here it is:

  • 2 small containers vanilla greek yogurt
  • One ice cube tray of ice
  • Three leaves of kale, stems removed
  • One banana
  • Sugar free vanilla coffee creamer (seems weird but it adds sweetness without added sugar. ¬†You can also substitute milk or vanilla almond milk or anything else you like).

Put everything into a blender and mix until creamy and delicious! Every kid has loved it, except those that don’t like bananas.

Crafts and Snacks

The past two days have been full of fun and food.  Yesterday we made bruschetta with two beautiful tomatoes, one orange and one red.  The other ingredients were basil, onion, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Today we made tomatillo salsa with tomatillos, onion, garlic, cilantro, salt and pepper.  Both snacks were delicious!

Yesterday for a craft together we made a stepping stone for the garden.  First we made a design with all the tiles, then Anna our Junior Camp Counselor gave us a great idea to add in a coin with the year we made the stone.  After a thorough search of my purse for all loose change we ended up finding the perfect dime with the year 2013.

Here’s a picture of our creation. ¬†Can you tell what it is?