About Julie MM

Hi Everyone. My name is Julie. I am a Registered Dietitian, and have a particular interest in public health and wellness. I look forward to sharing things with you that will enhance your life by adding items for your health and happiness.

July Nature Buddies – Day 2

We started our day reading The Adventures of Peter Rabbit. The campers helped to water the vegetables and we harvested a couple of green peppers. We made a craft made a paper plates to make the ground where you can put several small paper carrots. Snack was some carrots and green pepper. We then went on a Nature Hike to try to find as many green items as we could. Fun day!

2018 Nature Rangers 3 – Wednesday

A great day at camp. We started the day working on some crafts. We then took a nice hike to look at how the veggies are growing around the farm.

A toad was caught and observed for part of the day. The children had a fun time setting up a nice home for the toad in the terrarium. Time was spent moving rocks round in the small pond.

For snack we tried some tasty spinach. Such a fun day!!!