2018 Nature Rangers 3 – Wednesday

A great day at camp. We started the day working on some crafts. We then took a nice hike to look at how the veggies are growing around the farm.

A toad was caught and observed for part of the day. The children had a fun time setting up a nice home for the toad in the terrarium. Time was spent moving rocks round in the small pond.

For snack we tried some tasty spinach. Such a fun day!!!

2018 Nature Rangers 3 Tuesday

Tuesday was a great day for Nature Rangers. Youth Program Manager, Jamie Viebach, let the children help to release a monarch butterfly. We also saw a butterfly emerge from the chrysalis. What a wonderful experience.

We also got to taste the first lettuce harvest from our West Garden. Yummy!

NR 2 2018 Wednesday

What a great day with beautiful and less humid weather.

We started the day working on crafts. We worked on walking sticks, wood sling shots, wood bows & arrows, and a few of us made a craft called bucket of worms. 🙂

We found 2 large toads to observe in the small pond, and then found a large tadpole at the wetlands.

We tried some yummy Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp for snack. While having snack we read some interesting facts about worms. Very interesting!

We laughed and enjoyed being together in the great outdoors!