Photo Scavenger Hunt

On Wednesday of week four, we had a photo scavenger hunt.  Three teams set out with a counselor/staff member, list of 50 items that they needed to take a picture of,  and a 45 minute time frame.  A few examples from the list were to

Take a picture:

  • Of group members high- fiving the scare crow
  • Picking flowers in the prairie
  • Sleeping on a picnic table
  • Looking lost by the compass
  • Doing a rain dance by a rain barrel
  • Of the whole group using leaves for eyes
  • Pretending to blow on the windmill for power
  • With the longest root of a weed you can find
  • Pretending to be chipmunks in the East Garden
  • Hiding in the shed

The highest score was earned by Jeff’s group and they had over thirty pictures taken! After searching through many, many pictures, we have found our favorite ones.  I have attached some of the highlights for your viewing pleasure.  🙂

(null) (1) (null) (2) (null) (null) (3)DSCN6817 DSCN6823 DSCN6825e DSCN6827 DSCN6838

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