Nature Rangers Week 8 was Absolutely Great!

During this week of Nature Rangers, we learned about green energy and nutrition.  In the middle of the week, we went for a nature walk through the park.  The weather really warmed up for us, and brought out some caterpillars.  We found five different species throughout the week!  Enjoy these pictures from week eight.

Enjoying Week 7 In Our Little Slice of Heaven!

On the seventh week, we had a lot to harvest!  We found some nice-looking zucchini and one HUGE one, along with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and string beans.  Taking care of the garden is really starting to pay off.  The campers liked tasting all the fruits and veggies from this week.  The zucchini bread was a hit, and so was the right-off-the-plant garden salsa.  Enjoy these photos from week seven.

Week Six Had Lots of Sun, and It Sure Was Fun!

Week six was an exciting one on the farm!  We learned about nutrition, and hosted an Iron Chief competition -in the mud kitchen- Green Earth style!  Along with our healthy eating habits, we also learned what is healthy for the earth.  We created compost and were able to successfully sort between trash and recycle.  During the week, we also made a recycled craft out of old materials.  Another favorite was building habitats for the frogs (and toads) that we caught.

In the garden, we found that some of the radishes were ready to harvest.  We enjoyed radish and garlic scape dip with crackers.  It was delicious!  It was really simple to make, too.  Just quarter radishes and cut small pieces of garlic scapes.  Toss them into a food processor and mix with cream cheese.  Ta-Da!  Real simple, and it received a rating of thumbs up and satisfied nods from the Nature Rangers.  I also heard a “Don’t tell my parents I ate [and enjoyed] this!”  So, you never know until you try 🙂

Yippee! Nature Rangers Week 3!

Week three was our first week of full day camps.  We started off the week by being messy in the mud as we learned about different soil types.  We learned about conservation, and enjoyed the story of the Lorax.  Throughout the week, we also watched our lima beans sprout and we gave the plants a refreshing glass of compost tea.  We finished the week learning about reptiles and amphibians, and we even looked at a few up close!