Nature on Farm Week 2

Before our week 3 ends, I thought I’d better get week 2 up!

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Nature Rangers week 1 part 1

Well, we’re off to a great start!  Our Nature Rangers painted a brick that is lined around the gazebo, and planted a couple of sunflower seeds and morning glories in hope that our gazebo will be covered in flowers this summer.  We planted squash seedlings, popcorn, and part of the rainbow garden (Nature Buddies will finish that up tomorrow!).  We had a tea party, using sweet basil and mint leaves from our tea garden, and discussed how different cultures incorporate tea time in their day.

We made garden stepping stones, worked on our journals, played games, tasted rhubarb jam, harvested lettuce for our snack,  searched for color matches in the garden, painted rainbows by mixing colors, found a yellow swallowtail caterpillar, a few toads, and lots of worms.  And it’s only Wednesday!


I think he likes it!


Harvesting lettuce for snack time. Cutting the outer leaves.


Watering squash seedlings


Miss Jessica, a.k.a the toad finder! She found 3 today!


Watering sunflower seeds. Notice our beautifully painted bricks. Each class will paint their own bricks this summer.


Color matching in the garden.


Great color matching!


Now this is a beautiful mud pie!

This mudpie is watching you!


Nature Rangers June 2014

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