Exciting Animal Day

So today we had two very exciting things happen during camp.  First, we found a toad (I know, this has happened before but it’s exciting every time!)  Then we starting going through our Kids Garden Guidebook to talk about garden friends and foes (since we saw Japanese beetles yesterday) and got to the garden friends.  This started a conversation about caterpillars, which led to a discussion about monarch butterflies.  We decided to go on a hunt for monarch butterfly eggs or caterpillars (since we recently just started seeing the butterflies).

We headed down towards the pond to check out the milkweed plants, but on the way stopped at the butterfly garden.  Granted, I have never found a monarch caterpillar in the three years I’ve been at Green Earth (we did once find a swallowtail caterpillar) so I didn’t have much hope for this hunt.  However, once we got to the butterfly garden THERE IT WAS! A monarch butterfly caterpillar munching on a milkweed leaf.



We put him in a habitat with a bunch of milkweed leaves and we’re hoping he will eat and grow and turn into a chrysalis!

The rest of the day we spent hunting down garden foes, and then each pair of camp buddies “adopted” a garden bed to take care of for the week.  Tomorrow we will be focusing on weeds (and eating some!) so stay tuned for more pictures.

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