Carrot Harvest Day

On October 4th, we had a homeschool group come out to tour the farm.  Every time a group comes out in the fall, I try to make sure I have enough of at least one type of vegetable for each kid to harvest.  Lucky for this group, with less than 20 kids, I had just enough carrots to harvest.

Now, If you’ve been with us throughout the summer, you know that the children’s garden had a *very* hard time with the carrots this year.  We planted two whole beds of carrots, tried to fill in a bed a second time, and still managed to only get about 20 good carrots.  Good is also a subjective word here, as some of the carrots were a little… weird 🙂  Perhaps a squid mated with the carrots, or more likely they were left in the ground too long.  Enjoy the slideshow!

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