Update for the campers

Hey summer campers,

I thought I would send an update on some things in the garden in case you haven’t made it back since camp.  The first update is regarding trying to make a square Tigger melon.  Turns out, Tigger melons don’t grow large enough to fit in that square cinder block we put out, so we had no square melons this year.  Next year we will have to try with a different type of melon.  For those that are interested, here’s what the Tigger melons look like when they are done growing.


They taste a lot like honeydew melons or cantaloupe, very mild.

For those campers during the week where we tried to plant beans (seeds) from a 16 bean soup mix, most of the beans actually did sprout!  I don’t have a picture but thought you would like to know that those beans are still seeds at heart 🙂

Also for those campers that helped plant potatoes, we are now harvesting them!  Just dug up a bunch today with a girl scout troop and they were super excited.  Potatoes were a success even though we didn’t mound them like we should have.

If you have any other questions about the garden, let me know!  Otherwise you can come out during CSA pick-up days on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3-6pm and check out the garden yourselves.  Hope to see you there!