Weedin’ Wednesday

Today’s camp was very busy.  During free exploration time the kids could do an optional “tree cookie” craft, but it turned out that by the end most were digging in the dirt.  Here’s the scene:

It seems kids have a fascination with flooding things.  From what I overheard, there was a shallow end and a deep end, and several bug or dinosaur lifeguards.  At one point one of the lifeguards quit and was floating down the lazy river.  Ah, the imagination of children!

From free exploration we moved to our morning meeting and charting the weather.  We noticed today that every time we have taken the temperature this week it was always 80 degrees…  Pretty consistent, Mother Nature!  Then we headed out in the garden to care for our adopted beds.  Nicole the Northern Cardinal suggested yesterday that today be “Weeding Wednesday” so that’s what we went with.  We did a little tour of different weeds, both edible and not, and then went out to attack!  At the end of garden time we harvested some extremely long green beans as well as some Hungarian hot peppers.  Parents if you’re reading this, eat with caution! 🙂

We also worked on sifting compost and finding creatures for today’s Nature Olympics challenge “Roly Poly Races”.  We also used worms, millipedes, and whatever other bugs we could find.  The winner of the race is whoever’s bug makes it out of the circle first.  It was most kids favorite thing today and I’m sure it will be repeated during free exploration time tomorrow!

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