Tie-dye Fun!

Yesterday at camp we had a lot of fun.  Free exploration time was spent watering and weeding and digging and playing.  We had our morning meeting and headed off to the weather station.  Even though we knew it had rained the night before, there was very little rain in our rain gauge.  Had the rain not really hit the farm? Had it started evaporating before we got there?  We’re not entirely sure!

In the garden each child adopted a bed… or two… but by the end most kids were working in teams. For their adopted bed they were charged with taking care of it for the week:  Watering, weeding, and looking out for bugs or signs of distress.   For “Nature Olympics” challenge we split into two groups and each group had ten minutes to capture the most “bad” bugs (squash bugs and Japanese beetles) in their “Baths of Doom”.  The teams ended up tied with two bugs each.  There have been far less bugs this year than last year, including mosquitos (which is good for us!)

While in the garden we harvested some beautiful squash and tomatoes.  I sent the tomatoes home with the kids but since there weren’t enough squash for everyone those are staying on the farm for now.


After garden time we headed back in for snack, and then went on to our big project for the day… Tie-dye T-shirts!  We made them in a slightly less traditional (and also less messy) method using Sharpie pens and rubbing alcohol.  We colored circles or other shapes and lines and then dropped alcohol in the middle of the drawing.  As the alcohol spread out, it dragged the marker with it, making beautiful circles and shapes.  Overall it was very fun and something we would make again!

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