The Secrets of Soil

This week’s campers are cracking me up.  They made videos today, which I would love to post, but I’d have to upgrade our blog to “pro” and I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.

We had tons of fun today.  During free time we chased a chipmunk, caught a grasshopper, and looked up what grasshoppers eat.  We played a few games afterwards and then it was out to the garden!  We were very busy in the garden today… we watered all the beds at least once, weeded and harvested radishes, planted basil, filled in birdhouse gourd seeds where the previous seeds hadn’t sprouted, and planted pie pumpkins.

After snack we read the book “Dirt”, during which we had lengthy discussions about what we would eat if there were no soil.  “Pizza!”  Well… dough comes from wheat and wheat grows in soil, tomato sauce comes from tomatoes that grow in soil, and cheese comes from cows who eat grass that grows in soil.  “Eggs!”  Well, chickens eat grubs that live in soil and plants that grow in soil.  “Air!” I guess we could evolve to eat air??  This went on and on for several minutes until I think we all came to the conclusion that soil is pretty important.

For the rest of the day we learned about the three stages of composting, hunted for soil invertebrates, and checked out some “soil” made by worms (from my porch compost bin). We also washed and distributed radishes to everyone.  Some kids decided to try theirs right then and there… and weren’t too fond of how spicy they were.  Do you have any suggestions for how we could eat the radishes and enjoy them?


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