Nature Rangers Week Four- The Garden is a Magical Place

This week we have 13 awesome campers ready for adventure, nine who have been here for camp before!  After we signed in, we had some free time in the little garden.  Most of us watered the plants or worked on the stick house.

After free time, we came up with our camp code names.  Here they are:  Abbie the Antelope, Ava the Alligator, Fiona the Flamingo, Maura the Mouse, Kate the Kitten, Ana the Ant, Grace the Gorse (a thorny evergreen shrub in the pea family), Sarah the Salamander, Ellie the Eel, Emy the Emu, Charlie the Carrot, Will the Wallaby and Amy the Anteater.  We played a name game to try to remember everyone’s names.  It was hard, but we’ll get better by tomorrow!

Next we went on a tour of the farm to experience the process of growing plants.  On the tour we saw the area where you grow baby plants in the winter, the greenhouses, we sat in the chairs of the machine that helps plant the plants, and also saw the washing area.

After the tour we were hungry for snack, so we came back to the blanket and read the book “Seeds” by Ken Robbins.  Our theme for the week is “The Garden is a Magical Place”, and so today we focused on the magic of seeds.  We practiced matching vegetable seeds to the plants that they grow into and then we were ready for a seed hunt.  

We camebackwith walnuts, pinecones, burrs, grain-like seeds, helicopters, dandelions, and berry seeds.

Now we were ready to work in our garden.  Today’s projects included watering, weeding, and looking for harmful bugs.  Luckily no squash bugs or squash bug eggs have been spotted yet, but we have seen Japanese beetles so we are on the hunt for those as well.  At the end of our garden chores we were rewarded with delicious sugar snap peas picked straight off the vine.  YUM!  We also forgot to mention that we had a hawk sighting at the beginning of camp, and two bunnies at the end.  We love discovering nature.

Tomorrow we will learn about the Secrets of Soil.  Stay tuned!


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