Camp Teva Day Two: Caring for the soil

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On Tuesday we continued with our focus of “Helping the Earth” by learning about how to care for our soil.  We spent some time in the garden learning about the different plants and how to weed around them.  Our book of the day was “Gathering Sparks”, by Howard Schwartz.  The book is a Jewish folktale about how the stars were made, and tells the story of how all our good deeds send sparks back up into the sky.  To go along with the story we made Star of David sand crafts, with the grains of sand representing all the good deeds we should do.

After snack we learned about composting and how adding compost to our soil helps it stay healthy. We also discovered all the wonderful creatures living in the compost!  In the Children’s Garden at the farm we have a three stage composter.  The first stage is brand new, the second stage is almost finished, and the third stage is ready to go to the garden.  We use a recycled screen door to sift the almost finished compost into the finished compost bin.  Once we had enough, we brought a whole tub out to the garden to put around our tomatoes.  We bet they will LOVE it!

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