Nature Rangers Week 3: Camp Teva

Camp is back on again after a week off, and this week we are excited to partner with Congregation Beth Shalom to put on a Jewish nature camp.  We have nine enthusiastic campers ranging from grades K-4 and our additional instructor Lisa.

The theme of this week of camp is “Helping the World” which is related to the Jewish phrase Tikkum olam which means “to heal the world”.  We started out our first day of camp by discovering how the Green Earth Institute is helping the world by growing organic vegetables, using wind and solar energy, and connecting families and children with the source of their food.  We took a tour of the farm to see all the stages of planting and harvesting, and even snacked on a fresh sugar snap pea from the fields.

We came back and enjoyed our snacks while Lisa read the story “Because Nothing Looks Like God”.  Afterwards each camper took a “solo hike” in the children’s garden to use their senses in discovering where they could “see” God in the garden.  While each camper spent a few minutes of solo time in the garden, the rest of us played several games.  We finished our day by helping to care for the children’s garden by giving it a drink of water on this hot day!  You can see some photos from our day in the slideshow.  The guest photographers were Carla and Camilla.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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