The first day of camp: Vegetable gardens and farming

Today we started our very first session of Nature  Rangers with eight enthusiastic young ladies who are in first and second grade.  We started the day by making name tags and getting to know one another and then followed up with the story How Groundhog’s Garden Grew, by Lynne Cherry.  Once we had a basic overview of how food is grown, we went on a tour of the farm to see everything from seedlings being started in the greenhouse all the way through the process of harvesting and cleaning the vegetables.

The girls then got to experience weeding, watering, and planting both seeds and seedlings.  We planted melon seeds as well as 36 pepper plants of three different varieties.  The campers favorite part of the day was probably getting wet from watering (it got quite warm by noon) and many just enjoyed digging in the dirt.

Later this week I will let the campers add their own pictures and stories to our blog… stay tuned for further adventures!

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